PREMIERE: Hard Not To Get Moved By Melodic Hardcore Band What A Beautiful Day [China]

Today is a big day for the CNHC family – China Hardcore. One of our own, doesn’t happen often, have finally put up pre-orders for their upcoming debut full length which will officially be released on June 15. The band, What A Beautiful Day, is one of a kind in the country of China. In an ocean of Terror-Madball-Hatebreed inspired hardcore, the soaring melodies, the layers upon layers of sonic beauty, and not to mention the spoken word/sometimes shouty delivery of Cantonese lyrics, makes this band jump out of the pack, and something that we will fuck with for the rest of our lives.

The band originally formed 5 years ago with active members of Shenzhen’s small but highly passionate hardcore community. Before the band even began, the members of the band would often be found right up front at ANY show that came through their town. Up front singing along, moshing, 2 stepping…those of us on stage who were ever so lucky to feel the warmth of their members love and support for anything hardcore-related, couldn’t WAIT until they started their own band. They got together and melded their love of bands as diverse as Fugazi to Comeback Kid to More Than Life to Hong Kong bands King Ly Chee, Chock Ma, and Guangzhou band 大話梅 to create uniquely their own.

And what a beautiful band that became…

Today the band have released their debut album containing 9 tracks and down below you get to enjoy the title track. The band have also teamed up with our good friends in Real Deal Records out of Beijing to release the record on CD format. All pre-orders for the release can be checked out at this link (the band have also stated they’ll be putting the record up on bandcamp soon!): TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

Go support the band…go spread the word…

What A Beautiful Day:

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