Post-punk/hardcore from India: Grammy Winning Effort / Death by Fungi

As far as I know…most of my fellow South Asian counterparts fly the flag of metal loud and proud. Not often do you actually hear about punk rock and hardcore in those parts…today, out of nowhere, I got hit up by two bands from India that actually are proud members of the punk/hardcore fraternity…albeit more on the post-punk/post hardcore spectrum of this world…but still dude, as a Pakistani living in Hong Kong, I’m STOKED knowing that part of the world at least has or is starting to have some semblance of a punk/hardcore community.

Death by Fungi

Death by Fungi have this super badass logo and even though I’m originally from Pakistan not India, I definitely felt a little pride seeing that “Bombay City Hardcore” moniker up on their logo!

Check it out below:



Death by Fungi have a soundcloud page up but their singer, Vrishank, has said that since they’ve had some lineup changes, their sound has also changed and would like all of YOU to wait until next month when they unleash their brand new record…for fans of melodic hardcore is what they promise! Vrishank even dropped the name Have Heart casually into conversation…we here at are psyched to check out new music from an Indian hardcore band!

Check ’em out:


Grammy Winning Effort
The other band I stumbled upon by way of Vrishank’s Death by Fungi is a band called Grammy Winning Effort…super interesting name! The band is definitely for those of you out there who like to rock out to the rock n’ roll/metal vibe of Every Time I Die…if that type of post-hardcore is your jam, check these dudes out. Lucky for you, they have stuff up on soundcloud:


Check ’em out:


If any of you from India/Pakistan/Nepal/Bangladesh are reading this site right now – WHAT’S UP! Nice to meet you all and thanks for coming out here and checking out this website…

As a fellow Pakistani how can I not throw my own band’s music into this mix? Hahahaha…check us out – we’re called King Ly Chee from Hong Kong (China)…

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