Post Punk Bands Around Asia Have Been On Fire This Summer – Check Out These Releases

We’re starting this post, and are inspired to put this together, by this brand new band called Anxious Living out of Singapore who just dropped their first track off their upcoming EP that’ll be out on Pissed Off Records. The dual vocals, the guitar tone, the melodies, the production, the energy…all breathtaking. Can’t wait to hear the whole record.

According to Pissed Off Records:

“Debut EP from this punk band from Singapore/US. Five tracks of dark garage/post punk. Good structure, great song-writing and haunting melodies that are heavily influenced by bands such as The Wipers, Mission of Burma or The Estranged.

Members of Constant Insult, Daily Ritual, SIAL, Lubricant, Abrasion and bunch more.”

Go blast this track and start your day off right.

But further below are some other post punk bands from around Asia that have released insanely amazing music just this past summer…from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan…in the comments please tell us what we’ve missed!

Clockwise [Borneo]

Quarter Life [Malaysia]

Pullo [Indonesia]

Maenad and The Ravers [Hong Kong]

Blood Pact [Singapore]

The Spirals [Philippines]

Fukai Nana [Japan]

Orang Planet [Malaysia]

The mother of all releases this summer…

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