Pilipinas Hardcore Submit brittleglasscasket Interview [Awesome Hardcore Punk]

This was a really cool submission to receive today.

Pilipinas Hardcore is a facebook page that runs cool stories and updates on the Philippines hardcore scene. The site just published an interview with hardcore band brittleglasscasket and was kind enough to send us the whole interview to also run on our site. Selamat!

Go check out the site at the following link – and go enjoy the music and words of fucking badass band from Philippines.

Pilipinas Hardcore  https://www.facebook.com/769346850134218/posts/893116721090563

“I’m always on the lookout for young positive people doing their thing amidst the grind & suck of underground Hardcore Punk life. You wouldn’t believe me that there is such a crew that calls the upscale boom town of BGC as their place of operations. They are young in terms of my present age and experiences but double the drive & passion I have now even maybe when I was younger. They play music that is so organic & visceral you know it can only come from the depths of their core. Folks, it is my pleasure to have a chat with this dynamic, energetic & positive crew known as BRITTLEGLASSCASKET.

How did this band come to fruition? Why the name Brittleglasscasket? Who are in the band and where are you guys from?
Aiko: It’s a bit uncanny but out of nowhere Dennis posted a hate5six video on Facebook of Gouge Away (which happens to be our biggest influence). Brucher commented that he loved it and he tagged me. Dennis and Brucher then decided (in the comments section) to form a band inspired by Gouge Away and Cerce and there it was! We made a band thru Facebook comments, haha!

So the name ‘brittleglasscasket’, to be honest, it came from an idea of having to come up with a name that comes from the acronym BGC, a district very well known in Taguig [Philippines]. 4/5 of us happen to work in BGC and that’s why most of our friends call us a ‘BGC band’. Myk, our drummer, is from Bulacan but he frequented Taguig because of me, lmao.

This band is composed of weird nuggets from all over; I’m from Batangas, but I currently am situated and working in Taguig. I do the main vocals. My bandmates, I’d say, are very talented and I guess I got lucky. Brucher, one of our guitarists and the noise “cerveau” of the band is from Rizal. The quintessential Litao brothers, Dennis on guitars and Jan on bass, hail from Pembo Makati. And lastly, Myk, our drummer; is probably of the finest musicians in Bulacan.

Why Hardcore Punk? What are your main influences?
Hardcore punk is an awakening for us. Oftentimes, most of us are reclusive from our everyday peers because of our ideologies and music etiquettes. Hardcore punk has embraced who we are regardless of what we are and it opened our eyes to what we can do for ourselves and for others. We think that the hardcore punk community positively creates a safe space and consciousness for anyone of any background, skin, gender roles, emotional states, you name it, you can be anything and you’ll have friends here. With such acquaintances, the love for music just follows.

Our band’s influences include Gouge Away, Cerce, Super Unison, and Bikini Kill.

How did you guys discover Hardcore Punk and the DIY Underground community? And how does the community influence your personal lives?
Skateboarding. It’s really essential to most of us. We’re also into video games so that’s a plus, but mainly, skateboarding steered us to music. Fundamentally, we were just your low-key skate punk kids who also played music and made friends with other skate and non-skate punks and musicians from other towns and in due course, opened doors and got acquainted with the DIY Underground community.

The fact alone that we are a part of such a community of splendid people who are no different from the everyday brawls and scuffles of our lives is moving. You know, when you were a kid and when you thought that everyone was against you, well… We’ve been led to the right path to realize that, hey, this shitty life isn’t so shitty after all. That we are not alone after all. Our friends are the best.

The community has helped us nurture ourselves and be more equipped with the understanding that kindness and respect are both crucial. The whole world is already full of shit. The least we can do, on top of making and enjoying music, is just to be kind and respect one another. And if people do you otherwise, well, that’s their loss. We flout them and we rather focus our energy on the people that truly matter to us.

Do you guys have personal advocacy that you guys feel about? Do you guys have political fences that you guys lean unto?
We’re not into politics. We hate purists. We hate close-mindedness. Again, the least we can do is be kind and respect one another. For as long as you are enjoying what you do without hurting anyone, then please don’t change anything about you. Thing is; you can’t please everyone. Someone will always have something off to say about you. It can hurt you one way or another. Give them a second chance.  The least you could do for yourself at that given point is to respect yourself. We already know what’s right from wrong, what needs to be done. Support your family and friends. Make fun memories with them. Make the most out of it.
This world will hurt you no matter what but at least you’re trying your best.

If it was up to you guys, what are some things you’d change about the  Hardcore Punk community? What would you want to improve?
1. Clean as you go. Enter the venue with clean hands. Make sure to leave the venue clean.
2. More movement, less showbiz.
3. Your passion is not only limited and exclusive to one area. Be open to change, opinions, and to new audiences. Support other communities as you would want others to support yours.

What do you do when you’re not working on the band?
Since all of us are within and/or near the same area in BGC, we occasionally hang out to eat and talk about almost whatever, mostly funny things. This transpires mostly after our scheduled rehearsals. We are just nuggets and we love goofing around. We love puns, we love memes, and mostly we just love a good hang. I mean, how could you say no to good conversations with good friends, right?

What do guys think about the present national government? The insane daily traffic and the Barreto Sisters? War against illegal drugs?
The entire government political system is already fucked. This country is a shitshow. It saddens us that most of the folks devote their attention to petty things, particularly, celebrities that are belligerent over the slightest and imprudent things, rather than to emphasize the difficulties of our entirety. We hate governmental politics. It’s humiliating that we can’t cartel community efforts as a whole because not everyone wants to aid. We’re doomed from the start. But like we always say, the least we can do is be kind to ourselves and to one another.

Who would win in a fight?
a) Trump or Putin? Nope.
b) PRD or PNoy? Nope.
c)Boy Abunda or Ricky Lo? Nope.
d) Hotdog or Bacon? Nope.
e) Vegan or Death Metal? Vegan.

Shout outs:

• Our family and friends!
• Jiro and all the good boisss and meowsss.
• Acid Distribution; Brucher’s personal label
• Hardcore Hope, Counterflow and Sleeping Boy Collective
• Vortextures Recording Studio and Kuwago Nights Studio
• Project Noise Studio
• Basement 63
• Each of our band members’ other bands.
• People who have helped us during our sets and have allowed us to use their gears.
• United Cassettes Philippines and Genjitsu Stargazing Society; we’ll release cassette tapes through their distribution very soon guys! We’re excited!

This album is devoted to our friends, families, lovers, ones who have miffed our hearts; it goes to those who had peeved and pissed us off; to those, we have fought so hard for; for those who have done and tried their hardest; for those who were ultimately told by the ones closest to their hearts that they are not good enough; for those who have had whimpered themselves to sleep. We thrive to have a human experience; to not worry about a future we have no control, or a past we can do nothing about. Nothing lasts forever so make the most of everything. – BGC

Go support the band: https://www.facebook.com/brittleglasscasket/

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