Photos/videos up from Iron Maiden’s inaugural trip to China

iron maiden

Photos and videos have emerged from Iron Maiden’s first ever show in Beijing, China. As a young little kid growing up in Hong Kong, Iron Maiden was one of the very first cassette tapes I ever had when I first started getting into rock/metal WAY back when…the fact that they finally made it to China is a HUGE deal. Unfortunately, because Hong Kong is pretty fucking far away from Beijing, and that the Beijing date was on a Sunday, I didn’t go. I’m such an asshole. I should’ve gone and just called in sick the next day.

Friends who attended the show said it was beyond anything they had ever imagined from sound to overall production. The only thing they didn’t like was because the government had enforced rules not allowing attendees to leave their seats, they couldn’t do anything but sit there, watch and sing along. Still though, that certainly didn’t dampen spirits as you can see in the video below.


I long for the day for a band of this size to come to Hong Kong and for them to say “scream for me Hong Kong”…that shit will never happen.

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