Philippines Drop TWO Massive Releases – Hardcore Acts You Need To Hear: Veils | brittleglasscasket

Two massive releases have been gifted to us from the beautiful world of the Philippines.

We love ourselves some dark, brooding, hardcore – and Philippines based hardcore act Veils – bring the goods through and through. We’ve been following this band forever and have written tons about them in the past – including a recent post (yesterday right?) including fullset live videos from their recent record release show.

“If the self-titled 7″ of Veils from 2016 was the terrifying prophecy of the inevitable dark and bleak rapture, then the band’s 2019 Wellwisher’s Tongue 7″ follow-up is the inescapable horrific apocalypse.

Dark, heavy, and swarming with the band’s brand of disconsolate disposition served in six new songs (including a Circle Jerks cover), this is the perfect soundtrack meant as a much-needed shock to resuscitate a borderline-flatlining cold black heart of Philippine society.”

And then…a release we’ve been waiting for a long time now…brittleglasscasket drop their self-titled debut full length. If you want something thought provoking and forward thinking hardcore punk that brings the world of Riot Grrl/post punk fury with Every Time I Die-esque chaotic hardcore and then moves swiftly into even some shoegaze territory??? Then brittleglasscasket is YOUR JAM. This is the type of music whose unpredictability constantly keeps you on your toes.

“This album is devoted to our friends, families, lovers, ones who have miffed our hearts; it goes to those who had peeved and pissed us off; to those we have fought so hard for; for those who have done and tried their hardest; for those who were ultimately told by the ones closest to their hearts that they are not good enough; for those who have had whimpered themselves to sleep. We’ll thrive to have a human experience; to not worry about a future we have no control, or a past we can do nothing about. Nothing last forever so make the most of everything.”

Philippines…thank you for constantly raising the bar for Asian heavy music.

The world should be listening. If they weren’t before, they should now.



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