Philadelphia’s Weathervane Music Organization Release Mini-Doc On David Boring [Hong Kong]

The highly-anticipated 10th season kicks off with the show’s most ambitious episode to date for Weathervane Music Organization’s recording and documentary series Shaking Through. They have returned for their tenth season with the release of a brand new episode documenting Hong Kong-based band David Boring. Not only have they released this incredible documentary video chronicling the band’s 24 hour experience of writing, producing and recording a brand new song, they’ve also released the brand new single entitled Machine #3 further below.

Read on to find out more about the experience and then GO CHECK OUT THE video! It’s amazing that a band from Hong Kong was able to have this kind of experience anywhere in the world.

Don’t forget to re-read an excellent interview we did with the band a few months back (a few months back when Hong Kong seemed somewhat normal).

Hong Kong needs some positive vibes…

David Boring is a self-described “no-wave” band who weave nihilistic philosophy into their dark and deeply intense music. The members of David Boring are highly influenced by contemporary culture, especially in terms of the ongoing political and social turmoil in their home of Hong Kong. Series creator Brian McTear discovered the band while watching the “Hong Kong” episode
of the series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. McTear was instantly captivated by the conversation between the band’s members and Bourdain, as they pondered their future freedoms in Hong Kong under the Mainland Chinese government. McTear immediately reached out to the band and began planning how to get them to the United States for an episode of Shaking Through.

In the episode, McTear records a brand new song with David Boring entitled “Machine #3” at Miner Street Recordings in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. He interviews the band’s members both inside and outside of the studio by using various locations in the city of Philadelphia to inspire meaningful and compelling conversations. These interviews reveal not only the individuals behind the music, but the crucial message they wish to convey through their important work. According to the band, the song Machine #3 is the third track in a trilogy of singles the band has been releasing recently.

Machine #1 is about the repetitiveness of city life, so talking about ourselves.”

Machine #2 is about not so subtle commentary about how human kind is destroying ourselves and at some point we’re going to pay for it.”

Machine #3 is now, okay, we have to leave, super nihilistic based upon leaving the world basically.”

About Weathervane Music Organization Weathervane is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Philadelphia, PA that builds community through the practice of supporting, engaging with, and creating music. The organization produces Shaking Through a recording and documentary series that explores the importance of creative expression and its impact on society through the perspective of people who dedicate their lives to making music.

Check out both the song and 20 minute documentary video below!

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