Palm Release Benefit Shirt For Bushfire Relief Efforts in Australia

Japanese band PALM have released a T-shirt with Scrotal Records benefitting those fighting the Australia wildfires:

“PALM has a great affinity with Australia & it is like a second home to us. Australia was the first country internationally that PALM ever played, & in 2012 we spent a month touring around all the states & territories. We have made so many great mates there & it is where our 5th member, Will, was born & raised. I wanted to do something to assist the bushfire recovery effort so after consulting with Will we decided to make this shirt. Will & Glenno have known each other for ages, & Glenno even designed a shirt for us for our last Australian tour. Unfortunately, the timing didn’t work out & the design went unused, so I really wanted to work with him on this project.

When we received the email with the design, Glenno added:

“There’s lots of TV vision of kangaroos escaping across the land. They are fast – unlike the koalas and tree-bound animals… Kangaroos may have been the only animals with any chance at all.

Some of these fires have moved at speeds of 60 kilometers an hour. I chose this because it shows a mother and joey kangaroo like ghosts – dead, but not defeated.

“NOT DEFEATED = 決して負けない

We all have our day to day grind, but now more than ever we need to take a second to stop & think, even just a little. I sincerely hope that our small action can make a difference.
Toshi Takahashi – PALM / Vo

Australia is beautiful & harsh – both it’s landscape & people. Many communities have felt the harsher side of things more than ever with the recent & ongoing bushfires.

Although to varying degrees, both rural & city people have felt the effect of these raging & unprecedented fires.

Our government has done a pretty shitty job of taking any real action and it has been left to regular people to volunteer their time, money & skills to pick up the slack & protect our country – home to many unique flora, fauna & humans.

Aside from those on the frontline, many bands & artists have been donating proceeds from merch & relief shows. It is with both pride and embarrassment (that my own government refuses to do more) to announce that some of my dearest & darkest friends, PALM, from Osaka are releasing a t-shirt in collaboration with the one & only GLENNO – with all money raised going to bushfire relief.

Being no strangers to natural disasters, Toshi & PALM asked me to coordinate this fundraising collaboration with Glenno so that they could give back to a country and scene that they love & has always supported them.

Will de Monchaux – SCROTAL RECORDS / ex-PALM”

Ordering is as follows:

Australian order →…/glenno-x-palm-collabo…

Japanese order →

Palm is one of many Asian initiatives to support Australia. Here are a few others who have helped out from the Asian hardcore region:

  1. Dagger [Hong Kong] X Worldwide Underground
  2. Singapore’s Disrupt Co. organized a benefit show in Singapore
  3. Singapore hardcore band Remnants raise funds through their music online is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!