One of Our Own Out in the US Has Covid-19 – NY Hardcore Helps Out

In a world of shit today…this was really cool to see.

The photo above is of a Japanese hardcore dude Massa (photographed above with Hoya) who is currently living in New York and has been hugely involved with the hardcore community out there. For the past month, he has had Covid-19 and has suffered heavy financial loss from it due to not being able to go to work, etc. The New York hardcore scene has set up a Go Fund Me to help him raise funds so he can pay his rent and bills. AMAZING.

Thank you to the NY hardcore scene for doing this during your own tough times.

Here’s the Go Fund Me if any of you from out here want to help us as well. Click HERE.

Full article below:

“If you are part of the hardcore scene in New York, you know Massa! He has been a staple of our scene forever!! Massa lives alone in NY. All of his family is in Japan. He got corona over a month ago. He’s doing way better now but still making a slow comeback. He’s been out of work since March and being sick has depleted his savings. He’s behind on rent and bills. When your health is at risk the last thing you should have to worry about is money. So if we can all come together and ease the money burden on him and give him time to get his health back to 100%!! He doesn’t have a bank account so Charles Peterson will be the beneficiary and get the funds to Massa!

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