One of Our Favorites – Cloudburst Release Amazing Live in The Studio Video [Indonesia]

Yesterday we were lucky enough to premiere metallic hardcore band Noose Bound’s FIRE debut album which helped us remember that the premiere we did prior to that was another incredible band from Indonesia called Cloudburst. You should DEFINITELY hit up that link to check out how sick their latest EP ‘Corridor of Chaos’ is. Click HERE.

Today this band has released an awesome live performance video that contains a total of about 4 songs filmed by Watchtower Studio as part of their “Ugly Session” series. According to the band, “Watchtower Studio is a go-to place for many underground bands in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Exhumation, Deadly Weapon, Sunlotus, Metallic Ass, all of them recorded their masterpieces in this place. “Ugly Session” is a video series that show many talents that already collaborated with Watchtower in the past, live in the studio, uncut, raw, and unedited. There are already 9 episodes in this series, all of them available on Watchtower Youtube Channel (here).”

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