New Math Rock Band susurrus Release Trailer For Debut EP [Singapore]

susurrus is made up of Syakir Sazali (drummer) and Clarence Jeremiah (guitars) from a screamo band called Parenthesis and Ahmad Hedzir (vocals, bass) from Decipher and rûth.

We are three best friends who decided to form a math rock band because of our similar tastes in music. Drawing influences from our previous screamo bands, we have decided to put a slight twist to the conventional emo and twinkly math rock sound that everyone is familiar with. All our songs are fast paced, technical and unpredictable, with occasional harsh vocals by Ahmad. We are confident that our sound is very unique in the realm of math rock in the South East Asia region.

The band officially started around early 2017, taking us about a year to write the 4 songs from our upcoming EP “Ultra Orange”. A lot of thought was put into our songs – every transition and riff was carefully written and arranged. Our songs were written in a very balanced fashion as we compliment each other very well due to our great chemistry as a band.

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