New Lady Fast saga…people complaining about the logo?

lady fast

As if storming the event with bullshit religious rhetoric wasn’t already a ridiculously exaggerated knee jerk reaction to something the religious faction doesn’t understand, a few moments ago Lady Fast had to once again release an explanation about something else…in this case their brand new KILLER logo above.

Here’s the explanation they felt they needed to release based on rumors and lies being thrown their way by the people who want to smear all the positive things Lady Fast and Kolektif Betina are all about:

“In response of the rumors going around started by certain parties about the visual content of Kolektif Betina’s event poster, which circulated before and after the Lady Fast Event, I as part of the event’s design team, will answer the points that have been viewed as problematic by those certain parties. It is important to note that

1. The official LadyFast logo is a collage of several images which include a typewriter, book, and tools of productivity and creativity. The book symbolizes a source of knowledge – in the context of positive literacy. Typewriter as a symbol of history – creating a safe space with, by and for us; women. The rest are typography of the word ‘LadyFast’.

2. The official poster for LadyFast is composed with white and pink background, the official logo, as well as a list of participants and performers.

3. The Poster which contains images of two nude women is my own personal work, inspired by a painting called Lilith by John Collier. It is my own free interpretation of the LadyFast event. However, to me, the mythological character Lilith represents an image of an independent woman. My choice of that character, i think, is part of my freedom of expressions, which is my fundamental rights.

4. Regarding the exposure of women’s aurat in that artwork, which is the accusation i received from certain parties, I think that interpretation needs to be reviewed. If an illustration of the female nipple is considered threatening/arousing/impolite, then let’s look at it grom a different angle. Nipples are part of the female reproductive organs. It gives nutrition to infants after giving birth. if our minds aren’t only filled with sex, then nipples need not always be associated with sexual acts .

That is my clarification. I hope we can view this matter in a calm and intellectual manner.

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