Nepali Hardcore Legends Jugaa Return – Announce First Show Back [Nepal]

Nepali metallic hardcore legends Jugaa brought the heavy to hardcore way before it became cool again. The band is so revered that they’re often covered by a variety of bands including grindcore behemoths – Chepang. It’s been 7 years since the band has performed and they’ve just announced their return show to take place on February 25th.

Guitarist Vishal filled us in. “Jugaa is back for just one show – our first in seven years and also the last for a while. Our vocalist, who lives in Germany, is in town for a couple of weeks so we thought it’d be cool to get back together just this once. This show should be special because Kathmandu Valley hardcore has grown a bit in these seven years – new bands and new blood. And it’s all happening in a tiny room! So yes, we’re expecting a wild time.”

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