Nepal Underground are giving away 2 tickets to Nepal Deathfest

nepal deathfest

Our buddies at Nepal Underground are giving away to Nepal Deathfest tickets for nice and cheap! Get on it if you’re planning on heading there to check out this AWESOME fest…

Here’s the link to get in touch with them on:

More info on the festival here:

Here’s the rundown for the two days:

*** Day 1, Friday (Date – 22nd Jan 2016)***

– Headliner – SETE STAR SEPT (Japan)
– Co – Headliner – Meat Train (England)
– Rip Off (India)
– Rog (Pokhara)
– Asphyxiate (Ktm)
– Laash (Ktm)
-Grenade (Ktm)


***Day 2, Saturday (Date – 23rd Jan 2016)***

– Headliner – Fleshcrawl (Germany)
– Co – Headliner – NervoChaos Official Page (Brazil)
– Co – Headliner- Dying Out Flame (Ktm)
– Undefined Human (Hetauda)
– Nihility Nepal (Banepa)
– Defleshed Nepal (Ktm)
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