Muslim Hardcore Punk Band Colony Musuh Release Moving Music Video [Indonesia]

Banda Aceh Muslim hardcore punk band COLONY MUSUH have just released their first ever music video for a track called Su Uteun (The Sound Of The Forest).

This is not your regular music video as the band is passionately trying to promote the destruction of deforestation and the impact on the natural habitats for all the wildlife who depend on these habitats in order to survive.

“The animals who inhabit this forest are displaced from their place of origin. Illegal Logging, Forest Burning, New Land Opening, Illegal Hunting, Environmental Pollution, Direct Disposal of Waste Water, Mining Land Clearing and all other damages.”

Not only the animals, but the most destructive of all animals – us humans – also depend on this:

“Millions of people in Aceh and North Sumatera are dependent on clean rivers flowing from the Leuser Ecosystem. Aside from being a drinking water source, these rivers provide irrigation for agriculture and fisheries which is an important source of livelihood in the region. This river is a livelihood and an important means of transportation for the community. The Indonesian Government has issued a permit for the construction of the Giant Hydroelectric Power Plant Project in a protected forest area located in the Leuser Ecosystem. A dam measuring 175 meters high, will be built to sink 4,000 ha of virgin rainforest. Dozens of families living in the village of Lesten were forced to relocate. However, it isn’t too late for the Aceh Government to reconsider this Tampur Hydropower Project.”

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