Mid-00’s Singapore Hardcore Band Shortfuse Return With ‘Triumph Over Tragedy’

Singapore hardcore band Shortfuse was originally formed in the mid-’00s and after a long-ass hiatus, the band has returned with a brand new re-recording of an old track entitled ‘Triumph Over Tragedy’.

According to their vocalist, Rag Man, “Triumph Over Tragedy is a song that basically deals with overcoming obstacles and setbacks with triumph. The song features members of Overthrown and Weight Of The World AD on guest vocals. It also features rapper Slick Bobby, who is the son of Imran, the original vocalist who sang on the song way back in ’95.”

The current incarnation of the band includes original members Nick (guitar), Joe (drums) and Rag Man (vocals), and Syed of Bind on bass, and have been reworking 5 of those early tracks to re-record and put back out into the world. And yes, Rag Man did state “rapper” – wait til that particular part of the song drops – it’s SO good.

“So basically Nick came up with the idea to revamp the song and add elements of funk and rap into it. We discussed the idea back and forth for months before we began recording and got our friends involved. There are different eras of hardcore guys from our scene participating in this song so that’s another idea we came up with.”

Oh – as you listen to this particular song – it’s obvious that influences run the gamut from nands like One King Down, Snapcase, Orange 9mm, Madball, Burn, Sick Of It All, Vision, and hip hop of course.

In terms of a physical release, the band is currently talking to labels but nothing’s confirmed. Hopefully, they’ll drop some of those killer little hip-hop elements into all the songs since they’re reworking the songs anyway. Shit sounds FRESH.


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