Metal Powerhouse Valley Of Chrome Announce New Album Release Show [Philippines]

Holy shit!!! We’re so excited about this piece of news! We’ve been backing this band for years not only because they write spectacular music, put on an insane live show, but because the dudes in the band are amazing people who support all types of music and bands as well.

The band earlier today released the cover art of their upcoming fourth album entitled Victorious – and goddamn is it victorious! The level of epicness captured in this piece of art is beyond anything we’ve seen in some time. Once you realize that the artist is the same Marcelo Vasco¬†behind Slayer‘s Repentless, Hatebreed‘s The Concrete Confessional, Machine Head‘s Bloodstone & Diamonds, amongst so many other stellar covers, only then do you realize the extent that VOC goes to provide perfection to their diehard supporters. Nothing else will do.

The album comes complete with 10 tracks total of mind-boggling metal that combines heaviness with soaring arena-shaking melodies. All fans of melodic death metal can easily see the influence that is all over this bands catalog of riffs. The latest track off the album the band unveiled was Yakap Sa Multo featuring the vocalist Kim Trinidad of Loop which captures the yin and yang of Valley of Chrome’s DNA perfectly. When Kim drops her vocals on this track there is almost a conversational vibe going on between her and VOC’s vocalist Rogel. Rogel continues to tell us that the lyrical content of the track required another voice, a voice that understood the idea of ghosts (lost love, past opportunities, etc) of our past coming back to haunt our present. The title itself is “Yakap” for hug and “Multo” for ghost – as in, hugging the ghosts of our past.

Go blast the jam below! And check out the flyer for the album release show below!

Stoked for Valley of Chrome!

February 22, 2019
Studio 72, 72 Kalayaan Avenue,
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