Metal Act Where The Dead Gather Release Debut Single [Singapore]

Where The Dead Gather is a 4 piece metal band based in Singapore that have just released their debut single ‘The Drop’. According to the band, “The Drop is about a pandemic which was written by the band in 2017. A pandemic that led to the dissolution of humanity, where people start to do horrendous things to one another just to survive only to fall deeper into madness and solitary alienation. Fast forward, one of the first cases of Covid-19 recorded was on November 17, 2019, which then led to this pandemic that we are still living with today. Will this pandemic play out the same way as The Drop? Only time will tell.” is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!