Members of Impiety Show Up in New Band – Devouror – Release Debut Track [Singapore]

Oh shit…we wrote about these guys last night and today they’ve already put up a debut track off their upcoming release. Hence why we’re reposting the exact same post but with the added gift of this BADASS track streaming below!

DEVOUROR were forged in hell’s fire, November 2018 Singapore, by Shyaithan (Guitars, Also from IMPIETY). The band consists of long time komrades Antichristo Xul (Vocals, INFERNAL EXECRATOR), Asura (Guitars, DEUS EX MACHINA), Cryptor (Bass, ex-founding member of DEMISOR) and Dizazter on drums (IMPIETY / DEPRAVITY).

DEVOUROR defines its sonic wrath arrogantly as ‘Bestial Deathcult Warfare’ with late 80s/early 90s influences from Possessed, Sarcofago, Necrovore, Blasphemy, Death and Sodom. With this being said, DEVOUROR is not a project of sorts, but a brutal 5 Beast Blackened Metal of Death squadron that scoffs, hacks and slays the rest of mediocre rubbish that currently saturates the underground. All members are Veteran Diehards with filthy backgrounds of over 25 long years of dedication and commitment raising the old glorious flag of unholy Black Death!

Metal Zone Records from Malaysia signed the band for their very first 4 song debut EP “Slay For Satan”, that will be out on 21st JAN 2019. It was recorded, mixed and mastered in December 2018 at Studio47 by Nizam Aziz an features art direction by renowned Jenglot Hitam. This debut release speaks volumes of the grim future ahead – so from now on, just Be-Fucking-Aware!

ASURA – Guitars

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