Members Of The Geeks, Pariah, Spooky Banana Form Pearl Jam Cover Act

This is why hardcore is awesome…people who are “lifers” in the world of hardcore are the kind of people who actually listen to TONS of different types of music. Take for example our buddies here in Korean hardcore punk act The Geeks, and blackened hardcore act Pariah, who have joined forces in an awesome Pearl Jam cover act. The reason? According to the vocalist of The Geeks, Ki:

“It started as a joke but here we are. As a grunge/alternative kid growing up, I decided to try it out as it was a lifelong personal dream of mine. The cause and timing for this was also the perfect motivation as we’re celebrating the 4th anniversary of Common Kitchen, a restaurant/bar/venue run by the owner, Kyu, of Korean hardcore label Townhall Records. The location of the bar is cool cause it’s in Pangyo, which is the Korean Silicon Valley. He’s been putting on shows here every single Friday for the past 4 years and in fact, in this area, this is the one and only cultural space.”

“I started working in Pangyo as I got a job at Kakao and also found out that Kyle from the band Pariah also worked in Kakao. He also has a lot of love for Pearl Jam. We immediately agreed to push forward. Kyu hooked us up with Junghyeon who is the engineer for Common Kitchen who used to play bass for Spooky Banana and Sweater. To finish off the band, the drummer of Nexon, Seungseok, got on board.”

“Now, whether or not there is anything that will come of this, we have no idea. This is really to celebrate Common Kitchen and then we’ll see what happens. This could be the one and only show! We’re only covering 3 songs: Even Flow. Better Man and Jeremy. And you know what? We had no idea covering Pearl Jam was going to be super freaking hard!”

If you’re out and about – hit up the show! Would be pretty sick to see how hardcore kids interpret Pearl Jam! And who knows, maybe the four of these dudes will actually write some originals?! Would be sick!

Congrats to Kyo and Common Kitchen on their 4 year anniversary!

Hardcore kids are always doing cool shit 🙂

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