Melodic Hardcore Band F.P Release 3rd EP ‘I Repeat The Same Question Again’ [Japan]

F.P holds a very special place for us. No matter how many times we write about this band we’ll never forget the time traveling by train from Osaka to Kyoto to watch the band play LITERALLY in a practice room, and they DESTROYED it.

The band has just released their third 3rd EP entitled ‘I Repeat the Same Question Again’ and as it has been with their previous releases, there’s no marketing, no fanfare, no big interviews or ad placement, they just put it out there and let the world find their way to it. Thankfully, we’re able to help that in some way.

Go check this beautiful collection of emotional hardcore from these Kyoto killers. On this EP the vocalist, Juntaro, even reminds us of Geert-era Shai Hulud…easily our favorite era of the band.

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