Meet the team behind Static City [Singapore]

Meet the team behind Static City [Singapore]”

“We are only halfway through our first season… and STATIC CITY has been an incredible experience so far! we would like to thank everyone who has liked, viewed, subscribed and shared our videos! As we welcome more followers and viewers, here are some FAQ:

Static CIty is a collective of friends based in Singapore who got together to document and archive some of the amazing punk, hardcore and alternative DIY music our city has to offer.

Static City is a representation of a stressed out and sleep deprived culture endemic in our community, formulated through desperate, restless nights.

How often does Static CIty release a video?
Static City ambitiously releases a new video every week! Check back in every Monday for some banging new tunes.

How many videos are in one season?
Each season of Static City will feature 10 bands, but that is not all! Keep a look out for special featured guests, such as touring bands coming through our city.

Does STATIC CITY take band submissions?
Static City is in its infant stages and is not ready for submissions. Bands currently featured are some of the more active and current bands in our community, but we plan to keep Static City around for many seasons to come so hopefully there will be space for everyone in time to come.

THANK YOU once again for all the support we have received, it’s been fucking wild.”

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