Massive Indian Metal Comp – Extreme Lockdown 2020 – Coming Soon!

Three amazing South Asian promoters have come together to put together what will be a MASSIVE Indian metal compilation. The peeps involved Extreme Underground Tripura, Extreme Underground Sikkim with Extreme Underground India have all consistently been doing incredible stuff for their communities of heavy music, and for them to all come together to do this for their local bands – IS FUCKING AWESOME. Just check out the confirmed bands thus far below.

We checked in with Nilesh of Extreme Underground India to get the lowdown:

“Extreme Lockdown 2020 is an online compilation of Indian bands. There will be 1 song per band and we are trying to make it as big as possible with maximum participation. We are hoping that this compilation will be a 1 stop shop to understand what the Indian metal scene sounds like.

The idea originated by Vishal Rai from EUMSN when we had to cancel our upcoming gig due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We were almost done finalizing an American band for a Nepal-India tour and just before we were going to announce, the lockdown started. We then thought why not utilize this time to showcase the Indian music scene we love to the world. This would help new bands to make their music heard and popular bands would help spread the compilation. We are hoping this will help inspire new bands to form as well and make bands utilize this time to record new music.

So far we are have had an amazing response from the Indian music scene. More than 60 bands have already sent their entries and we are hoping for even more.”

Stay up to date here:

Confirmed Bands:
Armament (Thrash Metal)
Atrocious Discrepancy (Slamming Brutal Death Metal)
BAPHO (Old School Death Metal)
Blood Obliteration (Black Metal)
Carnage inC. (Thrash Metal)
CRUST UNDERdogs (Hardcore Punk)
Decipher (Black Metal)
GODLESS (Death Metal)
GORIFIED (Gore Death/Grind)
Infamy (Old School Heavy Metal)
Konflicts (Noisecore/Grindcore)
LANG DARMA (Death/Doom Metal)
Pacifist (Hardcore)
Phlegmicide (Death/Grind)
Prime Rage (Technical Death Metal)
Primitiv (Doom/Death Metal)
Secrets Of Silence (Black/Thrash Metal)
Shrap (Thrash Metal)
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