Malaysian pop punk band Pasca Sini release new EP

Pasca Sini made their debut in the Malaysian music scene on July 2017 and fast approaching their anniversary since their debut, the band has released 2 EP’s titled “Hardly Do I Find Myself Speechless, But You Have Rendered Me So” and “Everything Looks Cooler in Japanese” both containing 4 tracks with one Malay track in each release and others would be in English.

Pasca Sini is a band officially formed in Damansara, Selangor and their first performance they played under the name “Pasca Sini” was in a Battle of the Bands in the faculty or Architecture and Built Environment at the International Islamic University Malaysia main campus, Gombak, Selangor, where Aqmal and Syawal were studying.

” The idea of playing in a band was always in our heads as all members have played in several different bands before this. Though none was successful nor serious in playing, we kept playing in bands however the music was leaning to. As of June 2018, the official Pasca Sini members are Syawal, on vocals, Aqmal on bass guitar, Thoriq and Anwar on Gitars and Palie on drums. Our band members that don’t play with us on stage is Ariff Faisal as our manager, and Tholhah as our guitar tech.

We released our first single titled “Dichotomy” on June 2017 on Spotify together with the lyric video for the song on Youtube. The song was about two people being together despite being complete opposites of each other. This song was written and arranged by Syawal. A month after that, we released our second single, a song in Bahasa Melayu, “Apa Yang Kau Mahu”, on spotify and also with a music video on Youtube. This was our debut music video that had the band members faces in it. The video was made possible with the help of Aqmal’s friend, Lissa Irdina, as the main Protagonist in the video. The video was about a person not being able to answer their own questions in navigating through existence and always feeling the pressure to know exactly what to do at the exact right time. The song was written by Aqmal and music arrangement by Syawal. ”

Following up with the release of the two songs, Pasca Sini released their first EP online title ‘Hardly Do I Find Myself Speechless, But You Have Rendered Me So” on July 2017. The EP was recorded, mixed and produced by Shaheir Jibin.

The EP consist of tracks ;

1. Hardly Do i Find Myself Speechless, But You Have Rendered Me So
2. Apa Yang Kau Mahu
3. Dichotomy
4. Directions

link to EP:

The band played their first gig prior to the EP release at Habit Art Cafe, Alor Setar opening for Killeur Calculateur on August 2017. This shall be the first time the band played all their 4 songs for an audience.

The band continued to play some more shows at Impero Studio, Lokalik, The Bee, APW Bangsar, In Tun Nation and Ara Damansara after the release.

Pasca Sini was also featured on Daily Seni ;

On January 2018, Pasca Sini released their first single “The Best Side” from their second EP. The release was also complemented with a music video on Youtube. On February 2018, the band released their second Bahasa Melayu song titled “Untuk Mereka Yang Tidak Berpeluwang”. The music video shows of how fun it is in playing in a band and is the first music video where the only main people appearing were the band members. Both songs were written and arranged by Aqmal.

The band announced the EP release date for their second EP titled “Everything Looks Cooler In Japanese” on March 2018 together with a short tour consisting of dates at Damansara, Alor Star and Kuantan. The band also released a music video for the song “I’m Not Good at Being Alone Anymore” on March 2018 right before the first show of the tour. This was the first time the band collaborated on a music video which was with Aqmal’s hometown friend, Ashfan. Prior to this, all the music videos for Pasca Sini were shot by Aqmal and Ariff, and edited by Aqmal and Anwar.

The EP consist of tracks;

1. The Best Side
2. Untuk Mereka Yang Tidak Berpeluwang
3. I’m Not Good At Being Alone Anymore
4. Foxes All I Have To Give

link to EP :

The band took a short break for the General Elections and Ramadhan on April until June 2018 and is set to play more shows after which lined up are ;

28/29 June 2018 – Yayasan Sime Darby, Battle of The Bands @ Livefact, Kota Damansara
13/14 July 2018 – ROTTW Soundstage @ Blackbox, Publika
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