Malaysian Label Freshtown Records Announce Season 3 of Live Video Streaming Show

Hell yeah…Malaysian label Freshtown Records are probably one of the ONLY labels out of SE Asia that constantly and consistently send us information about what they’re up to. This is not only to keep us informed about the label, but ultimately, it proves that Freshtown Records are SINCERELY about the bands that they promote. They’re not the typical label that releases music out into the ether and then for some fucking reason think the releases are going to promote themselves. There are SO MANY labels like this it’s insane. So you’re going to put money into releasing music, provide some hope and support for the bands you sign, yet the art that they put their heart and soul into, you’re not going to let anyone know about it? The fuck is the point of your existence then? In this day and age, if you’re not going to do anything to promote your releases shouldn’t the bands just release the music themselves then?

Okay…got that rant out of the way…

Thank you Freshtown Records for always being so proactive in promoting your releases and your events.

The label’s back to announce the third season of their BRILLIANT online web series called World Without Borders. This time around the label invited the following Malaysian acts: Rehearse, Frost Revenge, ConsecrateHC, Modescape, Zerophobia and Sonic Maha.

The first of the series launches at 5p on October 17 and is streaming for free on Tapau Asia’s website.

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