Malaysian Indie Rock Band SKITS Release Amazing New Album and Release Live Videos

Wow…we haven’t written about Malaysian indie-rock band Skits in a LONG time! The last time we wrote about them was when they released their debut record But No back in 2016 (click here for that), so we’re stoked that the band sent in an update of sorts talking about their follow up record Malaynials released in April of this year.

“We recently released our 2nd full-length album titled MALAYNIALS under Soundscape Records on April 4th, 2020. It’s a mix of varied genres delivered in a SKITS format that we are known for from our previous album – “BUT NO”, but with a harder, grungier delivery. The 2nd album also welcomes a new vocalist to our line up – Endee Ahmad. Lyrics and album title were inspired by the dirty and racial politics that is part of everyday life in Malaysia. We have also recorded a KEXP-style live session (streaming below)”.

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