Borneo hardcore band Path To Survive release music video

Yo – tried to watch this video by a Borneo hardcore band called Path To Survive a couple times to see if the dudes in the band are actually drinking beers. I think they are – it’s pretty funny to me to see that cause I’m assuming they’re trying to get a rise from people in the Malaysian/Borneo scene being that Malaysia is a pre-dominantly Muslim country with a fairly large straight edge contingent. But that doesn’t mean drugs, cigarettes and alcohol are not an issue in the country…

Anyway…check out the video below and let us know what you think especially if you’re from Borneo/Malaysia! Hardcore is nothing if it isn’t out there ruffling a few feathers! So no matter where you stand on the argument regarding what you see in this video – at least these guys are doing something to turn heads.

Then again, they might just be drinking pepsis hahahaha no idea – what do I know!

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