Lawless Jakarta Records [Indonesia] Release Records by Kandarivas [Japan]/Regret [Hong Kong]

As a website called “Unite Asia” how can we not be stoked that Indonesian label Lawless Jakarta Records out of Indonesia has just announced CD releases for Japanese grindcore band Kandarivas and Hong Kong-based hardcore punk band Regret? It’s so sick to see Indonesia, Japan, and Hong Kong all come together at the hands of the amazing Lawless Jakarta Records on these two releases.

According to Arian of Lawless Jakarta Records, “Lawless Jakarta Records is mostly a label built on a network of friends, really. I release bands/musical projects that I really like and am usually friends with the people who create the music.

This Kandarivas record is my second release for them (I’ve even toured with them in Japan & Indonesia as well). They’re a great grindcore band in an experimental way, and fun guys to hang out with!

Regret is a hardcore band from Hong Kong. The first time I heard their songs, I thought I need to release this right away. Furious hardcore punk at its best!

Both of these releases were delayed for months because I was busy with work and family, and the label is pretty much a one-man show. In terms of design and layout, I got help from Ucok of Homicide/Grimloc Records which is one of my best friends, can’t thank you enough, cheers!”

Go hit up the label to get your hands on these amazing CD releases:

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