Label Vintage Vinyl HK Adds to its Asian Band Discography With a Cassette Release

Nick Langford founded HK’s regular Vintage Vinyl HK record fairs pulling together locals and expats alike to share their passions. The first vinyl-vendor at Clockenflap, his hobby grew into a label, releasing records for Asian artists such as QiSeijiro MurayamaBastardonMr Koo and Tokyo Groove Jyoshi.

A fervent gig-goer he was a regular at venues in the city above – and underground. With Blair Reeve and Joshua Thomson he published press : release, a series of print-only hand-finished zines with original art, reviews, interviews, and images covering HK’s music scene that now sit as part of the HK Heritage Museum’s collection of print culture.

Photo Credit: Infree Records

Nick has released a cassette of field recordings and explored sounds that memorialize his time there; from protest to daily life to lo-fi noodling. Nick has also stated that to get a copy of the zine you can contact him directly HERE.

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