Kuching hardcore punk band Dance On Your Grave let their emotions out on 3 new promo tracks

Kuching City hardcore punk outfit Dance On Your Grave have released 3 brand new promo tracks. This is after a bit of a break…clearly while they were on a break the band was still all fired up and thus created some fucking SPECTACULAR rock n’ roll for you to circle pit and singalong to! These three tracks are straight FIRE…

There is also something to be said about female vocalists…there is a higher degree of authenticity to the visceral release of deep personal lyrics screamed through their voices. Maybe it could be because for generations hardcore has mainly, un-fucking-fortunately, been mainly a male-dominated entity, so we’ve heard it all. The lyrics no longer really sound genuine…how many times can we hear the words “never back down”!?! Yet, when vocalist Jane screams these words in Civil Disorder we’re more inclined to believe her view of the world and thus want to rise to her call to action:

“Civil declined the cut down the trees
And what we got is this wounded decease
Diabolic ten times in a row
And that one guy received all the gold

Is this what’s all that left?
As no more place is safe

Now death is the only place
Death camps where we’re all feel safe
Now say goodbye to the sky
For now we live in a lie.”

Good band…go listen to these tracks and spread the word!


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