Krishnacore band BACK TO GODHEAD Drop New Video [USA/Philippines]

Hardcore bands with a message – always our favorite version of hardcore. A band that seems to be all about it is newly formed Krishnacore band Back to Godhead out of the US whose lineup features our dude from the Philipines Manohara Das on bass. The band just dropped a new music video for a track entitled ‘Sadhu Sanga’ off their December 2022 promo and because of the joys of the internet, we were able to hit up our guy to give us the full scoop.

“The band formed in 2021, and had a simple mission: fuse traditional hardcore with their identity as Hare Krishna devotees. After self-releasing a demo EP, and working through the usual growing pains and member changes, the band found a home at New Age Records. Always looking forward, trying to get our music and message “to every town and village”, Back To Godhead is as much a band as it is a group of friends with a purpose.”

Read about the label in this dope No Echo interview HERE

“I got involved with the family/band when Ekaraja (guitarist, brain of the band) asked me to play bass. Ever since then, we’ve formed not only a band but an extension of a family. The Philippines/Asia is my motherland where I was born and raised and thus I fully embrace my own culture. In early 2000 I played with a bunch of bands back in the Philippines and so it’s so rad to see how the Philippines hardcore/punk community is ravishing right now back home. It’s really inspiring how the community helps each other. Asia itself has so many really good bands and hardcore communities, for sure everyone in the world knows it! And if you don’t know you better check out Unite Asia! So you ain’t missing out!”

“To stick with our mission of infusing traditional hardcore with our identity as Hare Krishna devotees, we believe that there’s no color, sect, or gender and so our music represents who we are and what we do. Understanding and helping each other as much as we can yet at the same time not tolerating the bullshit. The new song is inspired by the book ‘Vaisnava Ke?’ by HH Jayapataka Swami. In the book, he talks about how a solitary bhajan is not the recommended way to progress spiritually for neophytes. In the modern world, we need help from our friends to grow together. Strength in numbers.”

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