Korean zine Broke In Korea issue 22 up now for free download (PDF)

Broke in Korea Zine

Check out this super rad zine called Broke in Korea Zine from South Korea that is written both in English and Korean that has interviews and other information about the Korean zine. Apparently this is the 22nd issue! That’s super rad to see a zine go for that long! I used to run a zine in Hong Kong called Start From Scratch that was also bilingual this but it was hell getting people to translate the pages and pages of English writing so I had no choice but to stop it…if it was an English only zine it would NEVER have made an impact…I assume much would be the case of a zine in places like Korea as well.

You can download the pdf version of the zine here:


One of the coolest things about this zine was being introduced to a band called Legion of Doom that features a member of one of my favorite Asian punk rock bands Crying Nut. His band Legion of Doom sounds NOTHING like Crying Nut which makes it super rad…it’s a total thrash metal/hardcore crossover type of band and this video below just shows how far away he wants to take this band from what he’s more known for in Crying Nut.

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