Korean Punk & Hardcore website issue stance against neo-nazis


Korean Punk & Hardcore website issue stance against neo-nazis. We’ve been following this issue for a few years now and highly support Korean Punk & Hardcore website’s moderators for siding with peace, love and unity instead of any strange sway towards blind nationalism, and especially supporting/championing the harmful evil ideology of Nazis, that seem to be prevalent in a couple places around the world.

Please read through their stance and share your thoughts:

“Many people took notice of the anti-Nazi picture that accompanied last week’s list of shows. Others also noticed that one of the bigger shows from last weekend was missing from the list. We would like to take a moment to explain both.

For years, there has been a very small group of bands and individuals in the Korean punk and hardcore scene who have used racist/Nazi symbolism and ideas in their music and live performances. At best, these things have been done for shock value. At worst, these are things that these bands actually believe. In the past, it has been argued that these groups are merely nationalistic and not racist or supporters of Nazism, and their actions have been largely ignored. Recent events have led to a larger discussion throughout the scene about how to respond to these things. There have been incidents of bands doing the “sieg heil” Nazi salute on stage, creating merchandise with obviously racist slogans, and intimidation towards bands refusing to appear on a bill with these bands.

The moderators of this page had a long discussion about how to address this situation. A vote was taken, and we have decided that we will no longer list shows that include these few, specific bands. We will also no longer list shows sponsored by record labels who support these bands and try to defend their unacceptable actions. This was not an easy decision and not one that was reached unanimously.

We are not here to promote censorship or tell people what they can or cannot do. However, we have decided that we will no longer aid in promoting shows that expose people to the glorification of some of the worst ideology the world has ever seen.

Feel free to further the conversation by sharing your thoughts and opinions in the comments section of this post.

-Korean Punk & Hardcore Facebook page moderators”


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