King Ly Chee posts 2 live videos from recent Asian tour


King Ly Chee having just completed their Asian tour are slowly getting some videos from the experience and are throwing them up. Below are two pretty sick ones…

This first video is of their song called “Overcome” that was shot and played LIVE in Cebu…the audience, as you can see in this video, is fucking INSANE in Cebu and really brought the love and support for a touring Asian band like King Ly Chee. On King Ly Chee’s upcoming Asian tour with Sick of it All you can rest assured that this song will be part of their set list (as will the following tracks: Scream for Life | Lost in a World | We Come Alive | On the Road | Unite Asia | CNHC | This is Our New Beginning…so get into those songs!).


Manila leg – their entire performance from the quick line check at the start of the set can be seen below…set list is the following:

We Come Alive
On the Road
Scream for Life
Don’t Show Your Face
In My Life
This is Our New Beginning
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