King Ly Chee makes several songs available for free download NOW!

King Ly Chee

Hong Kong hardcore band King Ly Chee is about to embark on an Asian tour as direct support for Sick of it All. As many Asian bands will probably attest, this just doesn’t happen to Asian bands – to be able to tour as direct support for a band that inspired and influenced you is beyond what any words in any language could explain. King Ly Chee has also had the pleasure of doing a similar tour as NOFX’s direct support when they did an Asian tour way back in 2007. You can watch some of what took place on NOFX’s infamous Backstage Passport DVD.

In honor of this upcoming tour, King Ly Chee has made 9 of their tracks available for FREE DOWNLOAD at the link below. The download includes the MP3’s as well as all the lyrics for these particular songs. Below, Riz has included a brief explanation of each song (remember when hardcore and punk rock bands used to do that?).

Enjoy and PLEASE spread the word! Make these guys feel welcome on this tour.

The dates and details for the tour can be found at this link:


Free download includes 10 songs AND all lyrics. 

Song was written many years ago when King Ly Chee’s guitarist (Brian) had decided that after smoking for more than half his life, he was seeing the impact on himself and his family and thus wanted to stop by doing so cold turkey. While really struggling through this period, King Ly Chee’s vocalist (Riz) noticed Brian was putting himself through pure hell trying hard to rip out this horrible addiction enduring immense discomfort and anguish. This gave birth to a song all about “overcoming” a hellish period in life in order to make a positive and healthy lifestyle adjustment. “My life, my fight, my way…this is what’s right for me

Song was written as our way of thanking and acknowledging promoters all over the world who are involved in putting on shows for “hardcore” bands. Anyone that has been a promoter for “hardcore” in places where hardcore is not big, knows that more often than not, a lot of promoters put their savings on the line in order for a show to go through. All the hassle and pressure of not breaking even is all too familiar. Look at any promoter during the show taking place and see how many of them are smiling. Chances are, they’re probably seeing dollar signs in their eyes being flushed down the toilet. But if it’s for a band that means a lot to you, all of that stress is out the window when you leave the merch table or ticketing counter or backstage area (wherever you’ve stationed yourself to check over things) and come scream your head off with the band, or watch the audience lose their mind for the band even if that audience is only like 30 people deep. “Feel the energy around this room…we embrace it…this is where we come alive

One of our all time favorite songs from our 2012 album entitled Time Will Prove. The song was written during a period of King Ly Chee’s career where it felt like the entire underground world of Hong Kong had turned their backs on this band and basically, wanted the band to fuck off and die. 16 years later – we’re still here motherfucker. “To those who think we’re dead and buried…let this be your answer…NOW

One of the only cover songs that has consistently made it onto our setlist. The original song was written by the godfathers of Chinese punk rock SMZB from Wuhan. The original song has bagpipes and very much an oi-punk sensibility and tempo to the song. King Ly Chee took the song, sped it up and hardcore-ed the fuck outta it. Out of 100% respect and admiration to the world of punk rock and especially the world of Chinese punk rock, King Ly Chee decided to invite the vocalist of SMZB to sing on this version of the song. That’s whose voice you hear featured…For anyone who knows how hard it is in terms restrictions of personal freedoms in China, will certainly feel the weight in the lyrics of this song “Scream for your life, scream for your right, scream for the truth and faith…I will never stop, what we’re fighting for…I will never stop screaming“.

Simple song about touring life…being stoked to be out on the road and leave your day jobs behind for a few days. Like many of us around Asia, the guys in King Ly Chee don’t play in a band full-time. They all have full time jobs: Riz is a first grade classroom teacher, Ho is a financial planner, Brian works at his dad’s company, Ivan works in audio at a casino, Joe is a graphic designer. So when they finally have an opportunity to get on the road and play…it’s like a dream. Unfortunately, like anyone who has toured also knows, getting out on the road is certainly fun and games until someone gets sick, sore throats, fevers, dealing with immigration/customs, baggage overload, visa issues, language barriers, etc…the only way to get through all of that is for everyone to stick tight and look out for each other. “I think we will make it…we have to stick together…I think we will make it…we’re a band of brothers

This song is self-explanatory. This version of the song was recorded this year and features vocalists of Asian hardcore bands including: Overthrown, Badburn, 13 Steps, King Ly Chee, Kids on the Move, Unregenerate Blood, and Final Attack. The words of the song scream for more pride and support for the region that we all hold dear in our hearts. “We will rise – as long as you’re by my side / We will rise – no longer pushed aside…look at what we’ve been through…the time has come for me and you to – UNITE ASIA

Our own “thank you” song to the world of underground music – whether that is punk rock, hardcore or metal – whatever band(s) it was that got you here, whose words you know by heart, whose records you poured over reading lyrics carefully, checking out the artwork, reading thank you sections…there is a reason you’re here, there’s a reason you want to give back to this community again and again. There is something in the outside world that just doesn’t sit with you right – and this underground world/community has become your home away from all of that. For us to have one of our BIGGEST influences Sick of it All be featured on this song is beyond anything imaginable. Thank you to Sick of it All and MANY other bands for paving the way and showing us a whole other view of the world that makes so much more sense to us then what the mainstream world tries to shove down our throats.


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