Jep’s Top 10 Asian Releases of 2015 (Editor of Konspirazine/Real Strength Weblog)


Jep’s Top 10 Asian Releases of 2015
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My buddy Jep has been an essential element of getting news to me about the going on’s of the Filipino scene. That’s a BIG scene we’re talking about in the Philippines. Lots of different types of music, bands, genres, communities, scenes, etc and staying up on  top of that is virtually impossible. So when I have friends like Jep (and MANY others) who consistently send in information, it just helps validate the importance of something like

Once again Jep consists of that one essential element that other contributors to this site have, an ENORMOUSLY genuine love and passion for their scene. He lives Filipino punk, hardcore, metal music…the dude loves it with all his heart and you feel that immediately upon any conversation with him.

So when it came for me to think about who to invite from the Philippines to submit a top 10…hands down I knew Jep would do it and not only be STOKED to do it, but would willingly include tons of information about each release which makes the post so informative.

Bands in the Philippines – you have a great guy who has your back 100%.

Thanks Jep for taking the time to put this together…

GI & The Idiots
Fascinating World Of Garbage (Vinyl 12″ LP)

I know. Everyone knows. This album dropped in 1986. As part of the Twisted Red Cross’ (First ever Southeast Asian cassette tape record label) roster, G.I. and the Idiots proved playing fast, brawly, free-for-all insane music can be had with a lot of FUN. Every Filipino punk kid should have an altar of this record on their bedrooms. I do. Seriously, the National Commission on Culture and the Arts should consider honoring this work of art as an essential part of our rich culture. 2015 saw the vinyl reissue of this gem for all you record-collecting nerds to snatch.

Arm Thy Fear
5 Song Demo (Online)

When you take a Manila scene vet who’s looking to serve you his art in a totally different approach from all the bands that he’s played for in the past, you can expect a full deck of cards and more to be on the table. Such is the case with metal/punk/hardcore drummer John Carpio’s new band Arm Thy Fear, a ginormous, dark and dirty beast of it’s own. What better way to celebrate it than to spread their music in the form of a 5-song demo as a free downloadable online release?


Pink Cow
No Boundaries (Vinyl 12″ LP)

Nevermind that these Quezon City ska-punk skaters released a DIY cd of the same album last year, 2015 saw the said album get the vinyl treatment it rightfully deserves. Frantic, mad, rowdy, yet fun. Mix some parts-drama and part-harsh-reality-of-the-streets and you get a perfect soundtrack to your everyday commute. Exactly how this type of music should be done. Joe and Terry couldn’t have been prouder.

Huemanism (CD)

You know when your local uninformed bars rarely invite them back for another set, not because they are rowdy but they are a different kind of noisy. In Goodleaf, you’ve got a band playing out of the box…and into the space in between your ears. Psychedelic Dub is alive and well in Manila. You’re welcome.

The End Of All Things (CD)

These fellas have been through hell and back. As part of the 90’s hardcore revival in Manila, they toured heavily yet were unable to put out a proper release of their music, and slowly dropped out of circulation. In the early 00’s, we saw them resurrect themselves and early this year, they went straight for the jugular. This album is hard, heavy, plus some more hard, it just doesn’t stop. Def an instant classic!

Holy Cow
Moofia (Cassette Tape)

Apparently, “Pampanga’s Best” not only refers to the prime grade meat they sell there, but also the fastest band in the land can be found north of Manila. After some demos, and comps/splits, Pinoy-owned, Nevada-based cassette tape label Get Up And Go Records took interest in releasing the band’s debut full length in 2015. Nothing’s wrong with your tape deck, fellas. They just play that damned fast, I tell ya.

Off State And Religion (CD)

Cebu scene vets Deviants are at it again. This album is a total ripper. 13 tracks of pissed off, DBeat/Hardcore Punk aggression. What else were you expecting?

Daily Ritual
Daily Ritual (Vinyl 12″ LP)

Lion City is leading the charge for churning out unbelievable Garage/Post-Punk Rock and Roll. You read that right. Singapore’s Daily Ritual debuted in 2014 and has since put out a cassette tape and 7″ vinyl of their first EP, and pretty soon after, dropped this 8-song 12″ EP, and in a span of months also put out a split 7″ with The Stops (Portland, USA). 2015 have been a real busy time for these fellas.

Various – United Assault: A U.A.E. Demo Compilation (CD)

The Filipinos are a hardworking bunch. That is a fact. They live in a very corrupt environment back home, so there is no other choice but to migrate and earn a decent living working overseas. That has been true for the last 5 decades or so. This compilation was put up by a Pinoy-owned label Criminal Recs, based in the United Arab Emirates for the countless bands sprouting up like mushrooms all over the Middle East. The Arabs love their metal, no doubt about that. But it’s the Filipino migrants over there who have built a Hardcore and Punk scene steadily, particularly in Dubai. This compilation was put out with majority of the bands being Pinoys living in Dubai and the nearby Arabian countries. Remeber these names: Sociedad Dehumanizada, Devastatory, Tyranny Rising, I Cease, Manhunt, Project Skull Fuck, and Cynthia Luster. Perhaps sooner, rather than later, we can have Obscene Extreme doing a Dubai stint. (CD proceeds benefit Filipino workers in Dubai who whose apartment block was razed to the ground in a fire accident recently.)

(Vinyl 7″ LP)

What happens when you put four tracks of excellent Punk Rock onto a split 7 Inch vinyl by tow of the Far East’s oldest bands who are still active? One of the best releases of the year, no doubt about that. Dung (formerly Carburetor Dung) from Malaysia and S.M.Z.B from China need no further introduction. Although the Dung side had some issues on the mastering, which I didn’t mind, really, overall, this is a record you punks definetely have to get your hands on.


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