Jay of System Sucker speaks about jamming with his idol Robb Flynn on stage in Bangkok

Yesterday we posted a LIVE video that is like a dream come true for any metalhead anywhere on the planet…but for a metalhead right here in Asia – this is something absolutely unimaginable…

Systemsucker is a killer metalcore band from Thailand and yesterday we posted a video that showed the singer, Jay, up on stage at a small intimate venue in bangkok called The Rock Pub and guess who he’s jamming with? Robb Machine Head Flynn!

Here’s the video again:

Robb Flynn played WALK (Pantera) at The Rock PubWalk (Pantera) ??? ??????? + ?? System Sucker + Robb Flynn ??? MACHINE FUCKING HEAD!????????????????? ???? ????????????? ??????????????? \m/

Posted by The Rock Pub – Bangkok`s House Of Rock on Thursday, July 9, 2015


Today I cornered Jay online and sent him some questions to find out how this craziness happened and how he’s feeling about it now…

Machine Head

So Jay – the whole world has seen the video of you jamming with Robb Flynn of Machine Head on a Pantera song! Please tell us how the fuck all of this happened??? hahaha…
So we had no idea that anything was going to happen that night. Me and my friend were just drinking at The Rock Pub and it was late. Around 2:30am Robb showed up with his crew at The Rock Pub! When he came in he insisted on getting on stage and jamming and playing the guitar. He asked like 10 times! Finally we gave Robb a guitar…that’s how the greatest night of my life unfolded!

WHAT?!! So you guys were just sitting in the bar hanging out and at 2:30am Robb just shows up with his crew?! Did System Sucker just finish playing a show at The Rock Pub?
No that night we didn’t have a show at The Rock Pub man! We were just sitting in the bar hanging out talking about Machine Head and then Robb showed up! It was fucking insane!

Machine Head

How did you guys decide to jam on ALL of these songs: “My Own Summer (Shove It)”, “Bored” – Deftones, “Seek and Destroy” – Metallica, “Looks That Kill” – Motley Crue, “Walk” – Pantera, “Crazy Train” – Ozzy Osbourne…
Robb just started playing with Jared MacEachern on the bass and someone in the crew played the drums but I didn’t recognize him. They played a couple songs like My Own Summer + Bored (Deftones) and then Robb let Jared MacEachern play guitar on Seek and Destroy and I was standing in front of the stage so Robb looked at me and called me up to sing!

Oh my god…so he just called you up to come and sing?! When he called you up – what were you thinking?! Were you like “This is crazy!”???
Oh man my mind was empty – I didn’t know what to do…I just did whatever he told me to do! hahahaha…
After Seek and Destroy Robb got the guitar back and played Walk from Pantera and I sang with Luke Tao (owner of The Rock Pub) playing the bass.
Machine Head
When you got off stage what was the next thing you did?
He kept playing a couple more songs but I don’t remember what they were, I was completely in shock! I kept watching him play the guitar and I kept telling myself “Jay, that guy on stage is Robb and you just jammed with Machine Head! The best metal band in the world!”
This is such a great thing to happen man…what do you want to tell the world about Robb Flynn and Machine Head?
Robb Flynn – he is just someone addicted to rock music and he is a very fucking nice guy! If you ever have a chance to meet him even for one tiny second, you will fucking love him! And for me Machine Head is the best metal band in the world. Robb Flynn and Machine Head are the reasons why I am fucking here!
If I could tell him anything I would say: Thank you very fucking much for giving me everything and for making my dream come true and giving me a chance to jam with you!

This is the power of music. Music can change everything, change the world and your life.

Jay with Robb Flynn

Machine Head


Luke Tao – owner of The Rock Pub with Robb Flynn

The Rock Pub

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