Japanese Death Metal Veterans DEFILED Are Back With A New Album ‘The Highest Level’

“When it comes to straight-forward, bone-crushing death metal, Tokyo’s DEFILED delivers. ‘The Highest Level’ stays true to the traditional death metal formula, while the band’s gritty songwriting approach lends to its authenticity. DEFILED attempts to make no frills with this new full-length, instead speaking directly to the sensibility of old-school death metal fanatics who are simply looking for some face-melting violence!”

This is the statement released by the labels who are working with Japanese death metal veterans Defiled as they released their brand spanking new full-length (their SEVENTH full-length!). The record is streaming everywhere and as soon as you press play, the ferocity in the music by a band that has been at this game since 1992 literally explodes from your speakers.

Blabbermouth states, “There are sharp changes across the entire album and pseudo-jazz sensibilities at points that paradoxically move smoothly and directly in a way that’s somehow simple and straightforward. This is brilliant, and given these raw facts, it may seem as though this is “tech death metal.” But it’s anything but that. The music is complex and serpentine yet delivered in a concise way that the unindoctrinated will be able to understand. Simply put, DEFILED is a savage beast. With “The Highest Level”, the Japanese band pulls no punches with its unmistakably authentic, timeless death metal. It isn’t necessarily bad that waves of metalcore and hardcore kids have taken a liking to death metal and formed “OSDM” (Old-School Death Metal) bands, but most of them sound contrived, generic and soulless. DEFILED is the real deal, and for fans of the classic era of death metal “The Highest Level” is mandatory listening.”

Now you check out this straight ripper and decide what you think.


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