Japanese Avant Garde Musician Ryosuke Kiyasu Announces Asian Tour Dates



Japanese avant garde musician Ryosuke Kiyasu has announced a bunch of dates through Taiwan, Philippines and a date in Dubai. Ryosuke pretty much polarizes and pushes what many people consider “music”, but when considered “art” certainly makes more sense to people. The polarization is really evident, for some strange reason, on his artist facebook page. Why do people who don’t like the music actually go to someone’s artist page to let them know that they don’t like it? Can’t you just NOT visit the page? Anyway…

The dates that he’s hitting the following places can be seen below:

January 15 – Taipei, Taiwan @肥頭⾳樂
January 16 – Taichung, Taiwan @玩劇島⼩劇場
January 17 – Kaohsiung, Taiwan @巴多池塘唱⽚
January 18 – Taoyuan, Taiwan @VOICE 聲音結社
January 18 – Taipei, Taiwan @Revolver
January 23 – Tokyo, Japan @Cafe Flying Teapot
February 5 – Philippines
February 6 – Philippines
February 7 – Philippines
February 8 – Philippines
February 9 – Philippines
February 10 – Philippines
February 11 – Philippines
February 12 – Philippines
February 15 – Dubai, UAE

Flyers for the upcoming Philippines dates can be seen below:

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