INTERVIEW/PREMIERE: Malaysia’s Triangle speak to us about upcoming split 7″


INTERVIEW | Triangle

As frequent readers of the site you’ve probably seen the constant updates of an upcoming split 7″ being released featuring Indonesia’s Final Attack as well as Malaysia’s Triangle. Final Attack yesterday premiered a track off the 7″ and today we have Triangle’s beast of a track up and running. Both these bands are groove heavy acts who tap into those sounds that make listeners want to start bouncing. Triangle, in particular, also continue a cool new vibe that a lot of the more contemporary Malaysian hardcore bands are throwing into their music: Rumpleskin, Lost Control, etc. When you hear these bands that bounce in their tracks is irresistable.

We sat down and spoke with Triangle’s vocalist, Afiq, to get the lowdown on this release.

What’s up Afiq! Please give us a brief introduction to the band.
Triangle is a hardcore band from Kuala Lumpur formed in 2010. The band features members from Nailed, Le Cruex , Breakin Chains & Transitions: Qadzar Azarane (Guitars), Azwan (Drums), Ilyas Farhan (Guitars), Afiq Azman (Vocals), Nasrun Afif (Bass). Triangle is heavily influenced by bands like Violation, Leeway, Bad Seed, Cro-Mags, Iron Age, No Warning, etc. We as a band want to talk about what we see going on in society. We want to fight for freedom of speech, peace and equality.

How did the idea come about to get you two bands together on a split 7″?
This split was actually the brainchild of Kaza (Triangle) and Indra (Final Attack) when we played in Jakarta at Flood Fest last year. While we were there we were having a good time and then the idea came up of ways to bridge both our country’s hardcore scenes. After that conversation we agreed to get working on it and we started writing stuff for the split. Now that the split is ready for pre-orders we just hope people are into it. You can order it at [email protected] just 120k rupiah.

final attack

As you went to Flood Fest for the first time with Triangle what was your reaction of watching the Indonesian hardcore scene with your own eyes? It’s insane there right…
Yes it was really insane! It was the best experience we had last year. We were really shocked that the crowd in Jakarta were standing in front of us because it was our first time ever playing there. What can I say? It was just awesome!


What were the bands at that fest that you particularly were stoked on?
Of course Final Attack! I think the last time we saw them was in Malaysia 2014 if I’m not mistaken. But the other bands were also insanely good like Stride, A Thousand Punches and many more!
What are Triangle’s plans for this year after the 7″ is out?
Our EP Society Burden will be out soon. Definitely look out for that through updates on our twitter and instagram. We also plan to do a tour this year for the EP. We really hope that 2017 will be the year for us.

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