Instrumental Rock Act Prune Deer Release New Track and Killer New Music Video [Hong Kong]

Formed in 2013, Hong Kong instrumental rock act Prune Deer have just released a beautiful music video for their new single, ‘Mountain’. This is the band’s latest follow-up to their 2019 full-length ‘Insufficient Postage’ – streaming further below.

“The initial idea for this new song came from a night out camping on the outskirts of Hong Kong. We were surrounded by nature and were mesmerized by the mountains and trails. So we tried to use this as inspiration for a new song. We start the song with a post-rock theme and the guitars/drums build up like a hiking path throughout the song. We added a soothing, peaceful break with dreamy vocals with some poetry as lyrics inspired by Chinese poets like Wang Zhihuan (王之渙), Liu Yuxi (劉禹錫) and Su Shi (蘇軾) – all of whom have created numerous masterpieces about not only their interactions with the natural environment in the woods but also their spirit of adapting ups and downs in each’s life,” states the band as they kindly explain the context of the new song. 

The band collaborated with expert audio professionals in Japan: Mixing engineer Hiroshi Kitashiro (北城浩志) had participated in productions of various famous hits like《The theory of happiness (幸福論)》and《Queen of Kabukicho (歌舞伎町的女王)》of Sheena Ringo. Hiroshi Kitashiro has also worked with Taiwan artists like Yoga Lin(林宥嘉)、Tizzy Bac and Elephant Gym (大象體操) while the mastering engineer Masashi Uramoto (浦本雅史) is an all-time favorite choice mixing engineer of Sakanaction (魚韻).

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