Indonesia’s Set The Fire Records reissues No One Cares killer debut EP

no one cares

Indonesia’s Set The Fire Records has announced that they’re re-releasing Medan hardcore band No One Cares debut EP on cassette. The EP is called This Is Curse and was a mammoth debut for No One Cares. The band themselves have gone on to release an insane debut full length which they were giving away for free (streaming further below).

We spoke to the owner of Set The Fire Records, SweetXwids, to find out more about the background to this collaboration. First go ahead and check out a track from the reissue!

“This is really a coincidence if we could put it that way haha… a few weeks back when I was organizing my CD collection I stumbled upon my copy of the No One Cares This Is Curse EP and right away I remembered how good this EP was when it first came out in 2011. I started to listen to it over and over again and all the exact same feelings came rushing back to me just like the first time I listened to it. I could feel the emotion and anger, I love the sound, the lyrics, basically…I love everything about this EP.

no one cares

I was like “Man, they were like in their early 20’s when they recorded this EP”! If we’re talking about the Indonesian hardcore scene, these dudes are one of the few people who put Medan on the map! They run Madafaka Records and have released tons of great bands, do DIY shows and help out other bands with touring. They’re also involved in other bands like Martyr, Trap, Victim In Pain, and the list goes on…they’re just a bunch of dudes you have to meet if you happen to play in their area.


Victim in Pain

Okay so back to the topic…

After that I was wondering if anyone had put this EP out on cassette. So I talked to my bud Eddy (the guy I run this label with) and told him about this EP and he was like “that is one of the most crucial EP’s ever”! So yeah we had the same idea about this. We both think this EP needs more recognition, because a lot of kids don’t even know this EP exists. When I first posted about my copy of this EP a few kids started asking me “where can I get that cd?” I knew we had to do something about it. We just want to share this and let people know that this great EP was released by a local band. Also, I’m a nostalgic person, and I think the cassette version of this EP would make it more of a collectible.

no one cares

So a few days later I talked to Ito and he was like “Fuck yeah, let’s do this” and we’re so psyched about this project. Just like that everything happened super fast. We’d already worked out the layout and of course the new cover. Ito made this amazing cover. He also wrote a testimonial for each song which you won’t find on the CD and the whole package just turned out really cool.

no one cares

Last year we managed to release records by 5 local bands and 1 overseas band from Boston (Spirits) and this will be the first time we do a reissue. We want to treat this EP just like you motherfuckers worship those legendary bands on Revelation Records! Hahahaaha…

no one cares

no one cares

Hopefully the cassette version of this EP will be out by the end of this month! Get stoked!”

More info on Set The Fire Records:

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