Indonesian hardcore-metal band Warmouth release full length (FFO: Nails)


Indonesian hardcore-metal band Warmouth have released a full length and lay to waste any thoughts you may of your own metal incarnation. The band does this expertly and with immense song craft. Shit is heavy, intense, fast, metal, hardcore, punk rock EVERYTHING! The full length is streaming down below and is just beautiful. If you’re a fan of bands like NAILS you’re going to love this.

“Raging from the intensity of hardcore and grindcore-ish beat to the heavy breathing of metal, Pariah is a whole new level in the band’s direction. The explosive music embraces the depressive struggling vocals while still maintaining simple yet fast song structures. This sonic whirlwind create it’s dynamic with the infamous death metal chainsaw sound, bringing forth a combination of hardcore blended with metal to it’s darkest form. Listening to this album feels like getting a facemelter while still headbanging and thrashing things around.”

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