Indonesian hardcore band Ghaust announce final release



On May 10th, while on his way to Anarchy 13 band practice, M. Edward Pedrico was killed in a motorcycle accident. He was a dedicated and talented musician, a trustworthy friend, and a loving son and brother who would always put others ahead of himself. His love of music allowed him to blend styles and ideas into a sound he could call his own. This album is being released in dedication to him. He will never forgotten.

“Burning All The Gold” is Ghaust final release. A compilation CD of Ghaust track from split vinyl and CD. Contains 4 tracks and 1 remix by Morgue Vanguard/total 33 minute running time. Tighter, heavier and still combining a lot of element on their instrumental music from Metal, Heavy Rock, Hardcore Punk and Post Rock. All the songs perfectly arranged, parts woven into other parts, melodies, and harmonies, it’s incredible complex, which is why the music of Ghaust resonates, and continues to move well beyond the boundaries of the genre. This CD by far compile the most accomplished and ambitious that Ghaust have sounded to date.

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