Indonesian Band Losing Fight Release Second Album ‘Lost In Color’ FFO: Title Fight

Losing Fight has just released its second full album titled ‘Lost In Color’.

“This album tells the nightmare of someone who lost color in his life, sank into exile and fell into a black hole and could barely get up again, but at the end of the last song, they energized this album, in a song called ‘Bloom’ they reminded to friends who always feel the bitterness of exile or who lost their color, that they are not alone, there are still some or surely there is a friend who will stretch out his hand to help you get up.”

As you listen to the breathtakingly well-executed music – you can hear the band combining a whole host of elements from Emo, Alternative, Shoegaze, Math Rock and Post Hardcore…it’s all their in their brand of an emotional roller coaster ride of music.

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