Indonesia Black Metal Festival – Fogfest – Announced For January 25-27


Fogfest is a celebration of Black Metal Nusantara, a means to discover and re-discover our reasons for being in the black metal scene. A platform to express and reconcile any differences. There will be Live Music, Movie Screening, Talkshow, Art Exhibitions and many more. It’s a once in a lifetime event, the first ever black metal gathering that unites all the black metal bands from across Indonesia, and will never be held again.

Fogfest held by Anonymous Black Metal Alliance. A Black Metal Collective consists of black metal musician, fans, and enthusiast all over Indonesia. True to its name, Fogfest is an attempt to unveil the truth about the militant black metal movement in order to re-discover the meaning of Indonesia Black Metal existence that has long been hidden by the fog of uncertainties. It’ll be held on January 25th-27th, 2019 at Sekipan Camp, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar, Central Java, ID.

This event uses self-reliant funds, maximizing the fund collected from the T-shirt donations. They produced and sold 150 T-shirts in order to support this event. They relied on volunteers who have dedicated their time, energy and passion to make this event come true. “It all started from a seed of idea that I planted on my timeline,” Hernandes Saranela (Director of Indonesia Black Metal Documentary “Where Do We Go”) stated.

“I have been wanting to have a gathering like this for quite some time, so I put out a social media campaign even when we have no clear plan yet. And surprisingly the euphoric response was beyond my expectations. Within days, 160 followers have spread out this idea in their respective circles. From then on, everything has been rolling smoothly and all of our target t-shirts have been sold,” he added.

None of the bands are paid. Everyone will come and join this festival using their own resources. It shows their genuine dedication to Black Metal music in Indonesia. They are putting black metal above everything.

With a strong foundation even the simple things can create great power. Once again, Fogfest will be the first and last festival. Why not take a part while you still have the chance? It’s now or never! (*)

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