Indie rock band Phoon release debut music video [Hong Kong]

Indie rock band Phoon release debut music video [Hong Kong]. If there’s any style of music that Hong Kong excels at it’s post-rock/indie rock bands like these guys. The type of music that gets those feels bubbling.

The band had the following to say about the song and the video.

“Dedicated to all people in despair…you are not alone.

We shot parts of our MV in Nam Sang Wai and Nai Chung, a place which we did not know before the shoot. We realised how much Hong Kong can differentiate from the stereotypical concrete jungle, and we must fight to protect the scarce nature of our city, nature itself does not stand a chance against the greed of humans.

A trivial fun fact about the MV, before all our songs had names, PEOPLE IN THE DARK was named “#1”, which means that it is the first song wrote, and the fact that we chose to shoot our first MV with our first song feels like a proper start to our career.

Alright, end of the jargon, keep an eye for our posts and events in the near future.

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