Indian Post Hardcore Band Pacifist Release Epic Botch Cover Live Video [India]

If we were friends with the dudes in seminal metallic hardcore band Botch, we’d DEFINITELY send this video to them cause we wonder if they ever could’ve imagined their music would be covered by post-hardcore bands out in India!

Pacifist is an insanely talented bunch of musicians in India who FULLY do this classic Botch track justice. We were lucky enough to get a few words from the band themselves:

“We’ve been huge fans of Botch and have a mutual love for the band with Kaushal (from Maneating Orchid) who is also really influenced by them. Since we were playing shows together last year in February 2020 and it was a mini-tour with them, just made sense to do something together and have a blast on stage. So we invited him to do a song with us, which he gladly accepted!”

While we had their attention, of course we pressed on any update on the band in 2021!

“Pacifist is working on two singles that we’re looking at releasing in 2021, and regroup to work on a full length after the hiatus caused by the pandemic. We might play some limited capacity shows soon too, all a matter of time. We’re getting back, slowly and surely!”

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