Indian Metal Band Inner Sanctum Release Background Info For Opening for Metallica

Yeah so this is a badass story…Inner Sanctum [India] opened for Metallica back in 2011, which almost didn’t happen. Read on to find out the whole story…

“Did you know that we nearly did not get to open for Metallica at Bangalore on October 30, 2011?

So here goes….after the Metallica show in Delhi got canned, owing to safety issues, DNA Networks were facing a lot of unnecessary flak, for no real fault of theirs. They played it safe and took all necessary steps to beef up the security measures for the Bangalore show and generally there was a lot of sensitivity surrounding the event.

This in turn led to some delays, which compelled the promoters to consider cancelling the opening act so as to allow @biffy_clyro to get on stage.

When the head of DNA networks noticed our ex-drummer @yogesh.abhinav ‘s grandmum standing in the front row, eagerly waiting for us to perform, he stepped in and immediately changed the show-flow and got us on board.

As they say, the rest is history!”

The moral of the story is – bring your grandma to all future shows.

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