This could be the most important punk/hardcore documentary to come out of Indonesia

ini scene kami juga

This could be the most important punk/hardcore documentary to come out of the Southeast Asian scene…and that’s not a blanket empty statement, judge it for yourself.

Below is a trailer for an upcoming documentary about female involvement within the Indonesian punk/hardcore scene – easily the biggest hardcore scene in all of Asia. The women interviewed and shown in this trailer are all women who have a strong sense of empowerment and thus are taking this opportunity to talk about issues they face involved in such a male-dominated underground world. When you think of punk rock, you certainly would consider it to be a place where progressive ideas flourish, but this is naiveté is often far from the truth.

Check out the trailer…feel those emotions of anger building up thinking about how far hardcore punk rock has come, but how much further it still has to go. Think about how also every few years we need to take a chance to stop and reflect on what’s going on and if we’re happy with where we are, or do we need to create and release a reflective documentary like this and sheds light on the reality of the current scene/situation. And then if you’re not psyched, fucking fix it.

Like I said, this could be one of the most important punk/hardcore documentaries to come out of the Southeast Asian scene.

Please check out the site and support them!

“This documentary film tells the stories women in the Indonesian DIY Punk, specifically those living in the island of Java. So far we have interviewed 12 women from all over java who are still involved in the DIY Punk today.

Gender issues, sexism, sexuality and activism are all discussed in this film. It portrays how these women contributes to the DIY Punk community, and how it impacts their daily life to this day.”

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